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Q: How do I order a dumpster, container or compactor?

It’s easy, just click on the tab Order Online tab. Choose the container that best fits your needs, pick a convenient delivery time, and provide the payment information; or call us directly at 713-649-7776.

Q: What items are prohibited to be placed in dumpster?

All toxic/hazardous waste such as paint, oil, batteries, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, propane tanks, asbestos, or chemicals. We also do not accept food waste, waste tires or appliances with freon, oil, gas or electric motors. Please contact a Nation Waste representative if you have any questions, or if you unsure about any waste materials.

Q: Do you Recycle?

Yes. Recycling containers are available and Nation Waste hauls all of the waste and recyclable materials collected from job sites to a permitted Material Recovery Facility. Once unloaded the materials are sorted and recyclables are pulled out of the waste stream and sold back to the commodities market.

Q: How long is the rental period?

The standard rental period is 30 days. If you need it for more time additional charges may apply. Please contact us at 713-649-7776 for further information.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

Yes. Various container have different weight limits. Heavy materials such as concrete, dirt, brick, rock, sand, asphalt and sod must not fill the dumpster more than 24 inches up from the bottom. Heavy and/or overloaded dumpsters pose serious safety concerns and may incur additional charges.

Q: Can I fill my dumpster to the top?

Waste debris may be loaded to the top rail of the container (water level). Debris may NOT be loaded above the top or sides of the container. Over loaded and/or overflowing dumpsters are a safety concern. Safety is our main concern when loading and hauling your dumpster. Heavy materials such as concrete, dirt, brick, rock, sand, asphalt and sod must not fill the dumpster more than 24 inches up from the bottom.

Q: Do I need to be at the location when the dumpster is delivered?

No. Please indicate where you want your dumpster placed in the Delivery Instructions of the Order Online form. We will make sure your container is dropped in the proper location.

Q: What form of payment you accept?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, & AMEX. Commercial customers may also apply for credit.

Q: Can I move my dumpster?

No! We will do our best to place your dumpster in a convenient spot as you request; once we have placed the dumpster you may not move it. Moving the dumpster causes wear and tear, and if it is moved, we may not be able to reach the dumpster with our truck for safe pickup. If you need Nation Waste to relocate the dumpster for you we will be happy to do so, however, there will be an additional charge as stated in the contract terms.

Q: What sizes are available?

Click the Order Online tab above and complete the online form to specify the container type and size you need, as well as payment and drop off location information. Additional fees may apply a container is overloaded, delivered outside our standard service areas, inaccessibility for pickup, or if needed for longer than the standard rental period. For complete please call Nation Waste at 713-649-7776 or use our online Contact form.

Q: Where can you place my dumpster when delivered?

We can place the dumpster wherever you need, simply indicate the location details in the Delivery Instructions of the Order Online form. If you choose to have the truck drive on your driveway for closer placement, a damage waiver may be required.

Q: When will you pick up my dumpster?

We can pick up your dumpster anytime within the rental period. When the job’s done, please give us a call to schedule a convenient pick-up date. Pickups are typically within 24 hours of your call.